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Asbestos, monkeys, a standoff with the government, & some local publicity!


History Part 2: Three Trees

Sanjay Mohato (whom we call Tinku) is the man who really makes things work at Prabhatalloi Foundation. He grew up in Dabar, a nearby village, and he remembers this place 40 years ago. Even then he says it was like heaven; a paradise. The fruit trees bore mangoes, jack fruit, and guava. As children they … Continue reading History Part 2: Three Trees

History, Part 1: The Early Days

As you walk past the skeleton of an old German building, the wind rustles through the leaves of a Muchukunda tree and you can almost hear it whispering the stories which make up this place. Some of these very trees were planted by villagers 100 years ago; they are still worshiped by the names of … Continue reading History, Part 1: The Early Days

About Leprosy

 The US Center for Disease Control Recognizes Today as World Leprosy Day! To most of us Leprosy sounds like a grim disease of the distant past; something untouchables might have been riddled with in biblical times. One of those things is true: Left untreated it is a very grim disease. But it's not what you'd … Continue reading About Leprosy