Gongamone Birnaji

Gongamone Birnaji is another prominent figure at Nabakustashram. She comes from a high caste family, and endured severe social repercussions after contracting the disease. Listen to an audio recording of my storytelling performance and get to know her a little better.


History Part 2: Three Trees

Sanjay Mohato (whom we call Tinku) is the man who really makes things work at Prabhatalloi Foundation. He grew up in Dabar, a nearby village, and he remembers this place 40 years ago. Even then he says it was like heaven; a paradise. The fruit trees bore mangoes, jack fruit, and guava. As children they … Continue reading History Part 2: Three Trees

History, Part 1: The Early Days

As you walk past the skeleton of an old German building, the wind rustles through the leaves of a Muchukunda tree and you can almost hear it whispering the stories which make up this place. Some of these very trees were planted by villagers 100 years ago; they are still worshiped by the names of … Continue reading History, Part 1: The Early Days

7 February 2017 – Progress Update

Since the last update on January 20th progress has been made on the water project, building repair, and painting. Water Project By our last update on January 20th most of the pipe had been laid, and a trial run of the tap at the men's quarters was successful. Since then the pipeline has been laid … Continue reading 7 February 2017 – Progress Update

About Leprosy

 The US Center for Disease Control Recognizes Today as World Leprosy Day! To most of us Leprosy sounds like a grim disease of the distant past; something untouchables might have been riddled with in biblical times. One of those things is true: Left untreated it is a very grim disease. But it's not what you'd … Continue reading About Leprosy