7 February 2017 – Progress Update

Since the last update on January 20th progress has been made on the water project, building repair, and painting. Water Project By our last update on January 20th most of the pipe had been laid, and a trial run of the tap at the men's quarters was successful. Since then the pipeline has been laid … Continue reading 7 February 2017 – Progress Update


Successful Trial Run for Water Project

This update will be a brief one - we just want to share that the water is successfully running from taps outside of the men's buildings! Pictured is Budhu, the head man in charge at the village, testing it out. It's possible that watching this I was more excited than he was!! What a miraculous … Continue reading Successful Trial Run for Water Project

Prabhatalloi Foundation

  Prabhatalloi Foundation’s Morning School A morning session is held at PAF for local children who don’t otherwise get the encouragement they need at school; some in fact are ostracized by teachers and students. If students are lower caste (poor, basically) then they are not expected to get ahead in life, or really to have … Continue reading Prabhatalloi Foundation

Lost Luggage, Found Friends

After a tumultuous journey from Boston to Purulia including 3 re-routed itineraries, two missed flights, luggage which took a short holiday in Amsterdam and a 6 hour train ride to round things off, I groggily arrived in Dabar village (pronounced Daboor) around midnight on January 4th after 68 hours of travel. The following night I … Continue reading Lost Luggage, Found Friends