I first renovated the Center for Arabic Culture website as an intern. After three years it became disorganized as people edited it without guidelines. In 2017 I was contracted to create a complete new site using WordPress.org.

See the current site here.

Renovation as an Intern:

When I began my internship the site was disorganized and confusing. It had multiple menus (one vertical, one along the top of the page) with repeated menu items which led to conflicting information. Several programs were hard to find information on if you didn’t already know where to look.

I streamlined the menu for easier navigation. For this I first familiarized myself with all the content on the site, and learned enough about the WordPress.com platform to effectively organize the material.

Next, I reorganized the home page to show upcoming events and recent past events, which were in turn viewed under the events tab and linked to the organization’s Facebook page. This enabled us to reach a larger audience and created a painless experience when browsing events.

2017 New Site Creation:

To create the new site I taught myself the basics of creating and maintaining a proper website (as opposed to the self-hosted one we had). I researched the best hosting plan and content management system to fit our needs. After settling on WordPress.org via GoDaddy, I began designing the site.

I streamlined our content further to create a cleaner, simpler homepage. I limited the menu items and focused on making navigation intuitive. I eliminated redundancies.

View New Site


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