My long term goal is to work in Humanitarian Aid; I hope to gain more specialized knowledge through my next role, whether that be as an admin for a great company or as an operations guru for an up-and-coming start-up.

I graduated from Boston University in May 2014 where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, with minors in Arabic and Speech Pathology. I studied abroad in Jordan through CIEE in Spring 2013.

Work Experience
Following graduation I worked in the marine industry as crew on a 12-metre yacht. In the off-season I spent eight monts interning for a non-profit in Boston, MA, called the Center for Arabic Culture. I renovated and maintained their website, helped publicize and run events, and edited documents. In March 2015 I had the honor of representing the CAC at the 7th Annual Arab-American Advocacy Week in Washington, D.C. Most recently I have been promoted as their Web Designer.


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Additionally I volunteer as a translator for the organization Watching America. My published translations can be read here.



Other interests include language acquisition, speech analysis, AI, and cross-cultural communications.
In my spare time I enjoy competitive sailing, hiking, mountain biking, and traveling.