20 January 2017: Water Project & Kitchen Building Repair

Last Saturday was a festival day which traditionally celebrates the end of harvest in our rural area. It is a big deal and is one of the most important festivals here. Because of this no one worked on Saturday. Only one of the workers came on Monday but with him came a woman, Baghdo, who helped to transport the wet cement. This festival stretches over 7 days total and has more importance to other villages on different days. Now that the celebrations have finished our attention has been re-focused, our labor force has multiplied, and work is speeding along.



We have gone from having 2 laborers to 10 and they are split into 3 teams: One is continuing work on the kitchen building, the second is plastering the stand for the water tank, and the third is digging a pipeline and working with an engineer to ensure the construction is done properly.

You have seen by now the progress being made at the kitchen building. The side wall and front pillars have been newly plastered, providing stronger structural support. Today (Friday) the ground is being prepared for a new cement floor. Traditionally cow dung is used as it is thought to be sterile, and forms a suitably hard surface. However villagers have trouble cleaning it efficiently, and because it is very old the dirt that has become part of the surface can infect any cuts on their hands. The new cement floor can easily be swept clean and they won’t waste water either. There is also one wall remaining that is falling apart. That will be next.

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Much effort is being focused on the water project now as it will make the biggest difference in the villagers’ lives. The pipeline is being dug to lead water from the tank all the way to various buildings. Right now a trial line has been installed in one direction to the men’s quarters, then in another direction past the kitchen building all the way to the community center (which is where the TV will go in another month or two).

The water supply will continue on to the women’s quarters which is much further away; that distance is the reason the water tank stand was built so high. The gravity will have to create enough water pressure to reach that side of the village. Today (Friday) the engineer came to supervise the laying of pipe, which they then buried so that they can do a trial run and check for leaks. This will allow them to find any problems before lining the ditches properly with bricks.

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Plastering of the tank stand has continued. The water tank was also installed today and a housing is being built to protect the pump.

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That’s all the major updates for now!

Coming soon we will have more details about what projects are funded, not funded, under way, in the queue, and still a dream.

We’re also going to post about the village history. People have had challenges here but their history is not a sob story. This place was once like a paradise, and their culture is rich. #StayTuned






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