Leprosy Village Update – January 13, 2017

This week significant work has been done on the building which the villagers cook in. The wall pictured below was so worn that water could come through the cement that holds the bricks together. This is the condition of the wall pictured, the pillars supporting the roof, and the wall that is not pictured but which opposes the pillars.

Jan07_Leprosy (8).JPG



Saturday, January 7th – Monday, January 9th

Two hired laborers began applying new cement on Saturday (pictured above).  By Monday that wall was complete and work had begun on the pillars. They chip the old cement out first to allow for maximum adhesion of the new material.

First wall completed!
Prepping pillars for new cement

Wednesday, January 11th: New plaster was applied to the pillars and new seating was added. They are also laying bricks for the pipe that will lead from the water tank to their buildings. The brick foundation serves to protect the pipes, thereby helping them to last longer.

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In the time that we were there visiting, one of the laborers also created a lock for their bathroom door from start to finish.


Friday, January 13th: Water project progress and upcoming work

Today our visit showed the final wall added to the water tower. Soon they will be able to install the tank and lay pipes.




The wall pictured below will come next. This wall is so derelict that it can’t be salvaged, so they will build a new one behind it and then knock it down. The room pictured below lies behind this wall and you can see how dark it is in the middle of the afternoon. There is even less light if you stand in the doorway – I stood off to the side to get a shot with enough light in it to see. The new wall will have a larger window to allow more sunlight inside.


We also want to create a cement floor to the cooking area. Pictured below is a villager cleaning their dirt floor… it is a futile task, and when they scrub it they wind up infecting any wounds due to contact with dirty water. Cement floors will mean they can simply sweep it clean. We intend to hire an additional 2 laborers so even more can happen in one week.

If you would like to contribute to the Leprosy Village, please visit our fundraising campaign by clicking the button below!



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